Best Powered DJ Speaker For a Beginner?

Best DJ Powered Speaker

What is the best entry-level deejay speakers for beginners?

The short answer is the Mackie Thump 15. By far this is the better buy for a beginner DJ. It is the cheapest and the most reliable speaker money can buy. It is about $300.


1000W 15″ Powered Loudspeaker
1000W Total System Power
Gig-ready, high-output design
Ultra-efficient Class-D amplification
Class-Leading, Chest-Thumping Low End
15″ high-output woofer / 1.4’’ titanium dome compression driver
Dynamic bass response delivers amazing lows at all volumes
Total System Optimization 
Precision 2-way crossover
Transducer time alignment
System protection / limiting
Application Flexible
3-band EQ with sweepable mid to dial in the perfect sound
Mic/line input allows direct connection of a microphone
Flexible mounting options including tripod and pole-mounting
Angled design perfect for use as a stage monitor
Lightweight and Portable
Rugged polypropylene construction designed for heavy use
33.2 lbs / 15.1 kg

I was a beginner deejay not too long ago approximately 6 years ago and entry-level DJ speakers are very tedious. There’s not a lot of knowledge out there on what to buy and what to get.

So as far as Deejay speakers in popularity in America there are and like quality and respected there are like five brands so you have:

  1. JBL (Eon)
  2. QSC
  3. EV (ZLX)
  4. Mackie (Thump 15)
  5. ALTO ()

Out of those brands, only a few of them are actually making entry-level deejay speakers that you could buy. QSC is not making any entry-level speakers but you can find some used. We’re talking on a budget here, beginner deejay speakers.



JBL offers the Eon’s they are running around $400 per speaker.
Is that a great entry-level speaker? Yes.
But there are cheaper options with about the same quality.



So other options out there from EV we have the ZLX line. The ZLX line runs around 350 dollars to 450 dollars, depending on which model speaker you’re getting. For all of my entry-level speakers I highly recommend that you guys get 15-inch speakers.

And I also highly recommend that you find the nearest Guitar Center and the nearest stores that sell speakers and go demo for yourself to hear them in person.

I’ve heard all these speakers before so I kind of know from my years what they hear like what they sound like. But you go listen for yourself to decide if the quality difference between certain speakers is something that’s important to you.


Mackie Thump 15

Mackie has by far the cheapest ones out there. They are the Mackie Thump 15. Mackie thump 15 runs anywhere from 300 to 400 dollars, they are by far out of every one of them in the group that I recommend are the cheapest ones.

And I will tell you right now the Mackie Thump 15 are what I always recommend to any beginner deejay that contacts me. I highly recommend them to check out the Mackie Thump 15 to go with.



ALTO also has the ALTO TS215 and it is right around 300 dollars as well.
I’ve heard them before they do sound pretty good but as far as reputation and reliability over time, I have not really heard or known much about them.

Being fairly new and there’s not a lot of reports them being around for a while. And actually my one buddy has two of the 12” ALTO’s and he’s having a couple of issues with. That’s why I don’t really recommend ALTO yet.

What I don’t recommend!

Harbinger speakers

Now we’re looking at $300 at least, per speaker. This is coming from a person I originally started out and went with Harbinger speakers. I was able to get Harbinger speakers on discount days at Guitar Center.

There’s a reason why I do not recommend them is simple, they break. I went through 4 Harbinger speakers. They do have good customer service.

If you have a broken one you just take it to a Guitar Center they’ll exchange it no problem. At least the guitar centers I went to for both of them, they literally replace them no problem. I said I’m having issues with my speaker it’s not working.

And they literally just got me a new one off the shelf, signed a couple of paper works and I was on my way. But I don’t recommend them because they break.

That’s a reliability issue. They also overheat. Anybody that has them or has had them before know that they get extremely stupid hot. They don’t get loud at all.

I looked up the amp and It was like a 200W AMS AMP. They’re not good quality. The amps are not matched to the speakers.

It’s literally the cheapest things they can find thrown into a plastic cabinet to see if it’ll work. At times it does hit or it breaks eventually you may get lucky but I don’t recommend doing it.


In conclusion, an entry-level DJ speaker is going to cost you $300 and yes you should do it. It’s going to cost you a lot when it comes to an investment. I know from starting out as a DJ when I bought my first hundred dollar DJ equipment I was like: Oh this is so much money.

But you will thank yourself in the long run. For you, that’s a lot of money. You can look at websites that do payment plans.

You can do payment plans options. I strongly recommend that you try not to do that because it’s better off than just paid off upfront. Making payments plans and stuff that is an option.

If you can’t afford to buy 2 DJ speakers then get just one. I did DJ with 1 powered speaker for like a year literally, like my first year of deejaying of high school I was running off of light like household stereo speakers.

Is what I was using my first ever like a year of DJ. And then I bought one power speaker and I did it with one powered speaker for a whole entire year. Until I could buy my second speaker.

In conclusion, guys spend your money on high-quality beginner speakers you won’t regret it as I did. Spend at least probably 300 dollars per speaker to buy yourself a good quality set of speakers.

My highly number one recommended speaker that I recommend is the Mackie Thump 15”.


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