What Are The Best Powered DJ Speakers For a PRO DJ?

best powered DJ speakers

Now when I say top powered speakers out there I’m talking about the most popular ones out there as well as my personal favorites. We’re not gonna be covering beginner power speakers in this post. What I want to cover in this post is to two other categories:

What are intermediate powered DJ speakers?

Your intermediate level is going to be two speakers that are can comfortably cover 200 people no problem.

What are pro-level powered DJ speakers?

Your pro level of two speakers will be able to cover probably about 300 people comfortably.

Intermediate powered DJ speakers

So your intermediate level powered speakers all of these average about a 1000 Watt of power. Like I said earlier with two of these speakers from either of these series you can probably cover about 200 people comfortably at like a wedding.

Just a side note, because I broke this up into intermediate and pro-level, do not think that the intermediate level speakers are not actual pro level speakers that you could use. These are by far all pro-grade audio speakers that I’m going to be writing about.

#1 EV EKX Series

EV EKX Series

So the first line we’re going to talk about is the EV EKX line. All the EV EKX line have 1500 watt peak amplifiers. They are a wood-based cabinet with a great dura coating on them that keeps them protected.

They have very strong rails on the front of them. They have advanced DSP features on the back of all their speakers. The power EKX line offers a 12 inch top a 15-inch sub and 18-inch sub.

#2 JBL PRX Series

JBL PRX Series

The next series we’re going to talk about is the JBL PRX series and currently, that would be the PRX 800 series. The JBL PRX series offers 1500 watt peak amplifier same as the EKX line. They are now integrated DSP control in 800 series which was not available in the 700 series.

They are also wooden cabinets with an excellent dura coat finish with a still grill in the front on very durable.

The JBL PRX800 line offers a 12 inch top a 15 inch a dual 15 inch and a horn top a 15-inch driver a mid and a high driver top and then they also had a 15-inch sub and an 18-inch sub. So the PRX range has a couple more Speaker options with the three-way cabinets than the UKX line.

#3 QSC KW Series

QSC KW Series

The next line we’re talking about is the QSC KW series. Now the QSC KW series offers 1000 watt RMS amplifiers. This is where we’re going to get into a little bit of a discussion in the next series about our RMS versus peak value amplifiers. So just keep in mind that this is a 1000 watt RMS line and the previous two lines were 1500 watt peak.

QSC KW series is also wooden cabinets with steel grills on the front very durable speakers. QSC KW series does have some DSP features but not nearly as many as you will find in the PRX800 series and the EV EKX series.

The QSC KW series offers a 12 inch top a 15 inch top a three-way with a 15-inch driver, a 6.5 inch mid and a horn and then they also have an 18-inch sub. So the QSC KW series has about every one of the options that the PRX series does except for the 15 and subwoofer and the dual 15 inches and the horn.

#4 QSC K Series

The next series is the QSC K series and the QSC K.2 series these last two would be added to the intermediate level.

The original K series had 1000 watt of continuous RMS power amplifiers in them. The new K.2 series has 2000 watt peak amplifiers.
So we’re really into a little discussion on RMS (continuous) versus PEAK (output) rating on amplifiers.

What is Continuous RMS Power?

So continuous (RMS) amplifier power is consistent power. It’s the power that an amplifier can deliver consistently.

The peak is the maximum that’ll hit at certain points at the night. That peak value can be for just a few milliseconds or it could be for like a little bit of a second.

The peak value is something you want to stay away from when you’re trying to compare speakers. Because make factories can make that peak value look as high as they really physically wanted to be.

It’s not a good indication though of the actual power handling ability of that amplifier in that speaker.

Claim Backup!

To back up that claim, I just want to talk about the case here the K.2 series.
So the original K series had 1000 watt continuous RMS amplifiers in them. But they were rated at a peak value of 2000 watts.

Now when QSC released the K.2 series they were raving about these new 2000 watt peak amplifiers they were putting in these K series amps.

And they were claiming that they were twice as powerful as the original K series. But the original K series also a 2000 watt peak amplifiers and the new one has 2000 watt peak amplifiers.

So is it really twice as loud?

I disagree with their marketing strategy when they said this. I have heard from people though that have the new series. They do say they’re a little bit louder than the originals but mostly in the high mid-range.

So it might just be a driver or the way they divided up the power from the amplifier. So that is why I’m putting them in the same intermediate level.

So that’s just a little side note for you guys when you’re buying speakers and you look at powered speakers and you look at the amplifiers make sure you look at RMS continuous power.

Don’t try to stay away from looking at peak powers because that’s not a good thing to look at. It’s not a good reputation.

#5 QSC K and K.2 Series

QSC K and K.2 Series

Back to the QSC K and QSC K.2 series. Both of these are plastic speaker enclosures with steel grills in the front though which does make them a little bit lighter and a little bit less durable compared to a wooden speaker.

As far as DSP features go the original K series just had a switch similar to what’s on the KW series just with voice mode and deep mode and normal mode.

The K.2 series has a little bit more advanced DSP features similar to what you’ll find in the EV EKX line. Now, as far as speakers go both of the K and the K.2 series offer an 8-inch top a 10 inch top and a 12 inch top.

Now both the K and the K.2 series offer a 12-inch sub but K.2 series has not released their kit. They’re dual 12-inch subwoofer yet. It’s supposed to have some new technology and have a little bigger amplifier in it. So that sub has not been released yet so I can’t really speak too much on it.

Now let’s move on into the PRO level.

So the pro-level line, these two series I’m about to talk about, these are the cream of the crop when it comes to power deejay speakers out there in popularity and in my personal opinion.

2 of these speakers from either these lines can probably easily cover 300 people at a wedding no problem. But when you’re getting up this level you probably want to definitely have subwoofers. Because of the amount of output you have.

#6 EV ETX Series

EV ETX Series

The first series is the EV ETX line, very similar to the EKX line in all of the DSP features and the build is still a wooden cabinet steel grill on the front of it, except the only difference here is we have a bigger amplifier.

We have a 2000 watt peak amplifier in this speaker. And as far as models go in the EV ETX line we have a 10 inch top 12 inch top a 15-inch top, a 15-inch three-way top. And then we also have an 18-inch sub and a 15 sub.

#7 JBL SRX Series

JBL SRX Series

So the next series is the JBL SRX series. The SRX series is very similar to the 800 series of the PRX. As far as DSP it’s very similar as well.

The only difference you see in the SRX is they are a little bit bigger a little bit heavier they use thicker wood in the SRX series and they have a lot more rugged handles on the outside of the cabinets.

Also, the amplifiers are bigger as well. They move up from 1500 peak watt amps the 2000 peak rated amps. The JBL SRX series does list their continuous power rating at 1500 watts continuous RMS power on the JBL SRX line.

Now the JBL SRX line offers a 12 inch top 15 inch top a 15-inch three-way top, an 18-inch sub, and a dual 18-inch sub. So as far as subwoofers go the SRX line is the only one that offers the dual 18-inch subwoofer.

The dual 18 inch still has the same 2000 watt 1500 watt peak amplifier, just powering 2 18-inch subs instead of one.

I did buy 2 JBL SRX, so the 18 inch tops. But I just want to express why I chose them.
I want pro-level audio speakers. I was looking at EV ETX and JBL. Both of them were very good to me and the whole reason why I chose the JBL is not that I got a better deal but it’s because JBL lists their continuous rating.

EV ETX didn’t list their continuous power rating. I don’t like companies that are trying to sell individuals on their peak rated amplifiers. I think it’s a shame that we’ve got to the point of marketing this way in the DJ world and that people were actually falling for it.

You should never consider the peak rated value on the amplifier as the actual power rating of the amplifier.

Best PRO DJ Tip for Powered Speakers

So if I’m going to offer any pro tips in this post this is the biggest pro tip right here.

Deejays, when you are buying powered speakers, do not pay attention or try and not get caught up in looking at peak amplifier values. Try to look for continuous RMS power ratings.

Other Brands

Lastly, I did leave out a bunch of other brands such as Turbosound, RCF, FBT a bunch of these foreign brands. And that’s because I just don’t see them being very popular over here in America. And also I’ve never actually heard these before.

l also left out Bosse but I’ve never really heard them and I don’t personally think I can recommend something I haven’t heard before.

Honorable mention

I would like to give an honorable mention to the RCF EVOX series. They are a different style of the speaker it’s not your traditional style speaker, they have 8, 10, 12-inch subwoofers that are sitting on the base and a basically an array of tweeters on the front of them.

Similar to the Bose L1 system if you guys ever saw them before but it’s a whole different animal. I’ve been hearing rave reviews on these systems how amazing they sound and how evenly sound travels. They’re becoming very popular for a 100 to 200 person wedding.

They’re getting very popular in America and each array is 1400 watts of peak power which is a good amount of amplifier power. I would put them in the intermediate category as an honorable mention.

Like I said I did leave out a lot of brands because they’re not as popular here in America or because I just haven’t heard them before. So if I did miss any series of speakers that you think to deserve to be either an intermediate pro level that I talked about leave them down the comment.

Also if you’re from another country and they’re popular in your country, list the country that you’re in. That way people that read this post from the UK, Canada, and all the other countries can see what power speaker brands you guys are recommending and seeing as being popular in your country.

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