Top 6 Best DJ Controllers 2019 (All You Need)

Find the DJ equipment you need to create the perfect standalone or a laptop bass set up today with our list of six best DJ controllers.

#1.Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3

Pioneer DJ’s DDJ SX line debuted back in 2012 and has arguably retained the crown of being the highest quality and most powerful Serato DJ controller available for under a grand.

Version 3’s arrival is further refining the already winning formula. The DDJ SX 3 looks very similar to its predecessors. Again the controller is small enough to transport pretty easily but with a sturdy chassis and aluminum top.

It’s also rugged feeling and you’d expect it to tolerate regular Club use without an issue. The jog wheels are small but responsive and well built with the field not different from those on pioneers CDJ line.

The DDJ SX3 is 4-channel. Each channel of its central mixer can be switched between digital inputs from Serato DJ or analog RCA. The control decks can be flipped to control up to 4 Serato decks simultaneously. As a result, the SX3 can act as a hub and our mixer for 4 digital decks for external players or any combination of the above.

#2.Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3

Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3

The second is the Tractor Kontrol S4 Mk3. One of the biggest gear releases this year. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol s4 gets the mk3 treatment. It gets spinning jog wheels by way of its patented haptic Drive feedback jogs and a streamlined performance pad section makes triggering hot cues and remix set loops easier than ever.

Each deck now has a small high-res display that shows waveforms track metadata and other information. It’s meant to be used with the new Traktor Pro 3 software and unless you take full advantage of Traktors new single knob mixer FX feature right on the unit itself.

3 band EQ is combined with high low-pass filters mappable RGB pads and deck and master FX. There are also two fantastic LCD displays per deck which displays key song information.

The Traktor Kontrol S4 is a four-channel controller that allows for the connection of external decks whether that be CDJs timecode vinyl or simple vinyl or CD decks. It has a pro-24-bit output which looks excellent. Its Club ready in terms of its IO and it’s fully wrapped up for biggest venues.

Finally, with Traktor, this controller integrates superbly with the remix tech feature. This allows you to operate 2 normal channels and to channels of remix texts for performing custom loops and samples. For producers, this keeps tractor highly appealing. It’s a very creative and innovative feature that hasn’t really been matched by others yet.

#3.Pioneer DDJ-SB2

Pioneer DDJ-SB2

Three Pioneer DDJ sb2. With a name that is almost synonymous with music and acoustics, you can always rely on pioneers DDJ sb2 portable to channel controller.

Built specifically for the Serato DJ software. While it’s designed primarily for the sarado the SB2 can also work equally well with other music software. Note however that the SB2 doesn’t come with a full version of the Serato. You would have to upgrade the software through the pro version yourself. With that said, however, the Serato DJ intro should provide you with a glimpse of just how powerful the program is.

The SB2 is a great DJ controller for beginners as it is light small and provides easy setup. The audio output of the SB2 is designed for faunal cables. So it is essential to purchase an adapter to convert it into aux.

Although this is quite dependent upon a type of speaker that you have connected to your system. the large dog wheels feel firm to the touch although they can be quite bothersome if you want that there will really good spin as the tension can be quite harsh. nevertheless the jog wheels are superlatively sensitive and are remarkably easy to use.

#4.Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3

For Pioneer DJ DDJ sb3. The DDJ sp3 is a two-channel DJ controller that’s designed specifically for use with a Serato DJ light software. Its layout is similar to that of the more expensive DDJ-s devices. And includes jog wheels performance pads play and cue buttons and independent auto loop buttons.

Updated from the DDJ-SB to the SB3 offers a feature called pad scratch which was created in collaboration with DJ Jazzy Jeff. This enables you to initiate 8 of his trademark scratch techniques. The scratch is automatically matched to the tracks BPM which can be used in isolation or in combination with your own scratching.

The controller is also intuitively laid out it’s small and portable but not too cramped which is excellent. It has eight paths for each deck some of which control features like beat jump looping and effects and some of which control the sampler. Dedicated play cue buttons around this controller off. Marking another step up from the d DJ sb2 which lacked these vital features.

#5.Numark Party Mix

Numark Party Mix

5 Numark party mix. Numark does it again we’re not surprised though new marks dedication to the industry is supreme and this is another awesome controller at an amazing price. Numark’s party mix starter DJ controller is ideal for beginners.

For under 100 bucks you can get a very easy setup complete with a fantastic light show. And the built-in sound card to enable you to listen to your tracks straight from the rig via your headphones. You can also connect your DJ speakers to the same setup without having to purchase a sound output device or a separate adapter for that matter.

At its core, the party mix is a simple two Channel controller with smallish decks. 2-bandy cues and a special feature up its sleeve. More on that in a minute. It also has two sets of four pads per deck for loops FX queues and samples. Made from hard plastic this controller is super durable.

It can survive the thrashing of a house party with ease. It’s also super light and very portable perfect for impromptu house party sets or outdoor sessions. So what about that secret feature:

The party mix has its own built-in LED light show. Three LED lights built into the pack sync with the music to provide an excellent little extra for parties and events. Add a smoke machine and it’s actually quite impressive. it might seem like a gimmick but given this controller’s excellent price you really can’t fault it.

#6.Numark NV

Numark Envy

Six Numark NV. Boasting of 16 super impact sensitive pads that guarantee exceptionally intuitive control of its 10 pad modes. The Numark NV is a budding professional DJ’s dream come true. The Numark NV provides for marvelously engineered decks.

Super responsive controls and one of the most eye-catching dual full-color screen displays of any rig and making the env one of the best all-round DJ controllers. Designed and built for the advanced and expert DJ. The NV’s colorful 4.3-inch screen offers an exceptionally powerful real-time feedback system to help you visualize the full functionality of the Serato DJ software.

This helps eliminate the need to look at your laptop screen as all the information you will need. From the track status song navigation, hot choose waveforms and even effects, as well as a whole lot, more can now be visualized on the control surface of the Numark NV

Which in turn allows you to really put on a show as your attention will be fixed on the beautiful display of NV. Touch activated controls provide remarkable responsiveness giving you superb manipulation and management of your song Trax. Filter knobs, as well as those four EQ and FX, are all capacitive enabling you to easily twist or touch or even both.

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