Top 5 Professional DJ Turntables of 2019

Top 5 Professional DJ Turntables

I’m here to give you a list of top 5 deejay turntables. So usually when I do a top five list it doesn’t have any particular order. But when it comes to turntables I definitely have my favorites here and there. So we’re gonna make this an actual true numbered list.

We’re gonna start at number five and work our way up to number one and then I’m gonna give you a few honorable mentions that have other turntables that are out there on the market that are really really good.

That may not be in this top five. That should still be on your list of turntables. If you’re looking to put turntables and your own deejay setup.

#5 Numark NTX-1000

Numark NTX-1000


  • Full-size platter with a high-torque direct-drive motor
  • 2-speed design: 33 1/3 and 45 RPM
  • S-shaped tonearm for accurate tracking (Cartridge not included)
  • Tonearm with height adjustment damped cueing and anti-skate control
  • Pitch range adjustable to ±8%, ±16%, and ±50%
  • Adjustable counterweight for perfect tonearm balance
  • Pitch fader with reset button
  • Start and stop time knobs for adjustable time ramping
  • 45 RPM adapter included
Numark NTX-1000


  • Turntable platter: die-cast aluminum
  • Drive Method: Quartz Servo Direct Drive
  • Motor: 3-phase brushless DC motor
  • Starting Torque: 4 kg-cm
  • Pitch Range: +/- 8%, 16%, 50%
  • Speed: 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM
  • Wow and flutter: < 0.05%
  • Tone Arm: Universal S Shape, gimble supported with a variable balance system
  • Switching Power: AC100~230V, 50~60Hz

So right off the top of the bat start at number five with the Numark NTX 1000.

We recently reviewed this last year because it just came out. It’s a nice turntable with four kilograms of force on the motor. Really strong motor for everyone. It has the adjustable start and stops time so that way you can easily change the speed of the startup or the brake of the motor itself.

It also has an internal phone or preamp so that way you can switch it between line or phone or level. It just has a nice solid build quality.

There are a few plastic parts here and there. It’s not really really heavy and super sturdy but it definitely is a professional style turntable and it will definitely get the job done.

It comes in at number five and it is only at three $400 which is the cheapest turntable on this list for the top five.

#4 Pioneer PLX-1000

Pioneer PLX-1000

Dimension and Weight:

Width:453mm Height:159mm Depth:353mm Weight:14.6kg


  • Turntable Drive Method: Quartz lock, servo-type, direct drive
  • Platter: Aluminium, die-casting diameter: 332 mm
  • Motor: 3-phase, brushless DC motor
  • Braking System: Electronic brake
  • Rotation Speed: 33⅓-45 rpm
  • Rotation Adjustment Range: ±8, ±16, ±50 %
  • Wow and Flutter: < 0.01 %
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 70 dB
  • StartingTorque: > 4.5 kgf・cm
  • Start Time: Within 0.3 sec (at 33⅓ rpm)
Pioneer PLX-1000 diagram

Next on this list coming in at number four is the Pioneer PLX-1000.

The reason why this is that number four and it’s not higher is because it doesn’t have a lot of extra bells and whistles that the other DJ turntables on this list will have.

It doesn’t have any phone or preamp it doesn’t have anything extra to it it just has what we’re all familiar with.

That was on the iconic technique 1200. It just has the bare-bones essentials but it does that really well it has a really solid build quality. It’s pretty heavy and sturdy.

It has a nice hard metal platter to it and it just feels really really sturdy like it’s definitely gonna get the job done.

It has a good pitch controls really good sound good wow and flutter and it’s just a good turntable solid all around. And if you’re a pioneer deejay fan and you ever find your deejay setup then you’re probably going to want the PLX 1000 as your number one turntable.

#3 Denon VL12

Denon VL12

Dimension and Weight:

Width:451mm Height:150mm Depth:355mm Weight:12.4kg


  • Turntable Drive Method: Quartz direct-drive
  • Platter: Aluminium, die-casting diameter: 332 mm
  • Braking System: Electronic brake
  • Rotation Speed: 33⅓, 45
  • Rotation Adjustment Range: ±8, ±16, ±50 %
  • Wow and Flutter: < 0.05 %
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 70 dB
  • StartingTorque: 5 kg/cm (instant); 3.4 kg/cm (stable)
  • Start Time: Within 0.3 sec (at 33⅓ rpm)
Denon VL12 diagram

Next up at number three is the Denon VL12 prime. This is a really dope deejay turntable.

It has lots and lots of features on it. It does not have the phone or preamp and it doesn’t have a way to change or start and stop speeds of your platter but it does have a lighted LCD ring.

It’s very very solid. It’s very heavy built metal all the way around, has a rubber coating on the bottom. Really good feet. It’s a sturdy deejay turntable and perfect for anybody who has a dent in DJ prime setup and wants a prime turntable, to go along with that setup.

As well as probably the best looking turntable out of all of them on this list and it actually is the most expensive turntable on this list as well. Coming at about $900 so it takes a little bit of a ding there. But it’s an excellent turntable good all-around nice aesthetics. Has that LCD ring to it and they’re just really solid and built really tough.

#2 Reloop RP-7000/RP-8000

Reloop RP-7000


Dimensions: 458 x 144.6 x 354 mm Weight: 9.5 kg


  • Type: manual quartz direct drive turntable
  • Drive: quartz driven upper-torque direct drive
  • Motor: brushless DC motor 3 speeds, fully manual
  • Turntable RPM: 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM
  • Turntable: aluminum die casting
  • Pitch: variably adjustable +/-8%, +/-16%, +/-50%
  • Torque: adjustable from min. 1600 – 4500 g/cm
  • Start-up time/tempo change: less than 0.2 sec.
  • Brake system: electronic brake
  • Wow and flutter: 0.01% WRMS*

Now, these turntables have all the bells and whistles you could ever want, dual start and stop buttons, they also have straight and S-shaped tonearm versions of these the RP8000, of course, has all of those MIDI buttons and functions right there on the turntable.

All eight of your pads you also have your different functions like slicer your rolls, your loops, and your hot cues. You also can browse through your tracks and all using the RP 8000 on the RP 7000. You don’t have those buttons but you have all of the other really good build elements all of the build quality.

You have your start and stop adjustments there. You also have your dual breaks there as well and it’s just a nice solid piece altogether. Nothing is really at fault here. You also have your internal phone to line preamp so that way you can switch in between final in line and use them in any way you see fit.

Excellent turntables all around by the relief group.

#1 Stanton ST-150/STR8-150

Stanton ST-150

Dimensions and Weight:

Dimensions: 450(W) x 353 (D) x 146 (H)mm Weight: 10.5Kgs


  • Starting Torque: More than
  • Motor: Direct Drive/16pole, 3phase, brushless DC motor
  • Turntable Platter: 332 mm diameter Aluminum die-cast
  • Pitch Controls: +/-8%, +/-25%, +/-50%
  • Wow & Flutter: Less than 0.1% WRMS (JIS WTD) with 33 1/3rpm
  • Braking System: Electronic brake
  • S/N Ratio: More than 60dB (DIN-B)
  • Channel Separation: More than 15 dB
  • Tonearm type: Statically balanced tonearm
  • Effective Arm Length: 194mm
  • Tracking Force Range: 0-3g
  • Applicable Cartridge Weight: 13-18g
  • Channel Balance: Within 2.5dB at 1 kHz
  • Needle Pressure range: 2-5g

So finally my favorite turntables of them all. The number one entry here is the Stanton ST-150/STR8-150. The reason why we’re going with MK1 edition because they’re very solid at the most 30 most heavy turntables that I’ve ever felt they actually have a rubber undercoating on the bottom and on the top.

You have your full metal finish and also the reason why we’re using the MK1 as opposed to MK 2 is that the MK1 right on the face you have the start and stop adjustment times and I like to change my brake settings from time to time so that’s perfect for me.

It also has the dual start and stops buttons on there as well. Really solid tonearm really solid motor. I’ve had mine for 10 years now and they’re still perfectly kicking as the day that I bought them the end game. Two additions are also really nice.

Stanton STR8-150

They have a nice brushed aluminum look to them but they’re lighter and they also don’t have the easy way to change your brake start and stop modification as I really like.

Stanton ST-150/STR8-150 these also have that internal AMP which can bring you from line to phono and they can switch back and forth. It also has internal grounding as well-meaning you don’t need any type of grounding cable with these at all.

Honorable Mention:

1. Epsilon DJT1300

Epsilon DJT1300


  • Ultra Hi-Torque Direct Drive DJ Battle style Turntable with USB output
  • Large Dual Play / Stop buttons for custom Battle Style with electronic brake
  • USB output for PC & MAC compatibility and USB Recording
  • Anti-Skating control with a 330mm aluminum die-cast turntable platter
  • 3- Speed 33 1/3, 45 & 78 rpm speed playback with Phono / Line output
  • Static balanced S-shaped tonearm with detachable headshell
  • Instant Adjustable pitch control buttons at +/- 10%, 20%, 50%
  • Removable LED target light
  • Available Colors: Black, Silver, White

2. DJ Tech SL1300 MK6 USB

DJ Tech SL1300 MK6 USB


  • Quartz-driven DJ turntable with upper torque direct drive
  • Direct Drive Turntable with 3-speed Full manual
  • Support for 33 1/3, 45 and 78-RPM Playback speeds
  • Phono and line output (no grounding necessary)
  1. Epsilon DJT 1300
  2. DJ Tech SL1300 MK6 USB

And 2 more turntables that are not on this list that definitely get an honorable mention especially for the price because you can find them between $200 to $400 per turntable.

They’re super OEM turntables meaning they have all the same quality as the Pioneer PLX and the standard ST150 that we just spoke to you about.

They’re the Epsilon turntable and the deejay tech turntable. I think they’re about $300. They kind of look funky because they have a plastic finish to them but they do have that same motor in them as the PLX 1000 or the ST150S or the really RP700 or 8000.

And they also had the same tonearm as well. Just a little bit different pop body shape but a lot of the same features and functions right there. And if you can find the things you’ll find them for only $300 per turntable so you can’t really beat that. So that’s why they get that honorable mention.

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