The Most Expensive DJ Gear 2019

Basically, this is just a cool list of the most expensive most outlandish deejay gear. Most people will probably never buy any of these pieces of equipment including myself.

But we’ll just have a chance to use them, a chance to see them and we even reviewed some of the gear on this list. So let’s just go over this list and see what we’ve got.

List of most expensive DJ equipment:

  1. Numark NS7 III –  $1400
  2. Reloop RP-8000 – $500
  3. Model 1 Mixer – $2100
  4. Pioneer DJ CDJ-TOUR1 – $4000
  5. Traktor Kontrol S8 – $1000
  6. Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX – $2500
  7. Rane MP2015 Rotary Mixer – $2200
  8. Roland DJ-808 DJ Controller – $1000

#1.Numark NS7 III

Numark NS7 III

List Price: $1400

Next up on this list is the Numark NS7 III. It’s still one of my favorite controllers to date. It’s really good because it is a big huge footprint. It’s all-metal build quality.

It has an internal mixer that works externally as well and it has those actively spinning platters right at the top instead of the jog wheel. I love turntables and that has a real piece of vinyl on top of it and it just works excellent.

Feels great. And it’s just a nice compact setup to still have that turntable vinyl feel to it. These are also coming in at around $1,300.

#2.Reloop RP-8000

Reloop RP-8000

List Price: $500

Also in the article on this list, we will include a turntable that has MIDI controls. We’re talking about the Reloop RP-8000.

This big turntable is excellent for those who don’t have a bunch of MIDI controls on their mixing service and they just want to use all of the many controls that are on a turntable instead.

These come in at around $700 to $800  which put them at the higher range of deejay turntables today, but they have all of these features and functions that you’re not going to find on any other turntable anywhere. It has the all the hybrid functions you can browse through your tracks.

You can launch clips you can launch cue points loops. You can also load tracks. It just has a whole lot of features that you can use on the pads there including your Spicer functions and everything else that you can do with your pads.

And you can even program a separate bank of pads in order to use those for however you see fit within your MIDI software.

So that concludes the full list of the most expensive D.J. equipment that we have today. Let me know if I missed anything in the comments below.

#3.Allen and Heath PLAYdifferently Model 1 Mixer

Allen and Heath PLAYdifferently Model 1 Mixer

Price: $2100

Next up is the new Allen and Heath Model 1. This is the play different mix there. It’s really really cool because it has lots of different cues.

We also use this back in the 2017 Atlantic City deejay Expo really cool really well built excellent sound quality and it’s just a totally different type of mixer from anything else that’s out there.

It allows you to contort and change the sound and the different sound parameters that other mixes will never allow you to touch, that coming in at about $2,700 which includes international shipping.

#4.Pioneer DJ CDJ-TOUR1

Pioneer DJ CDJ-TOUR1

Price: $4000

First up on this list is probably the most expensive setup you can buy. And that’s the pioneer deejay tour 1 setup. With this setup, you are getting the DJM 900 Nexus 2 along with the 2 CD deejay 2000 nexus 2 as well.

And they come with these really cool fold-up flip screen 13-inch screens each. They’re really cool to use I use them back at the last Nam show 2018 and it was really really nice and has a really big screen.

So we can see all of your track information right there. You can see all of your libraries there. Really cool to navigate around. And it’s built like a tank.

The whole setup has a real metal casting all around it and it’s just made for those real big tours big boom setups where people have a long or huge strong club installation that just needs to work right every single time without no faults.

The complete setup will run you guys about $16,000 that’s because the players are about $5,000 each and the mixer is about another $5,000 and usually, for tax or shipping, you guys are looking at another $100 or so tacked on so that is a $16,000 setup.

Again most of us will probably never get it. It’s mostly for those club and tour style festival installations where big deejays know what they want and they’re going to use this big huge setup.

#5.Traktor Kontrol S8

Traktor Kontrol S8

List Price: $1000

Next on the list is the Tractor Kontrol S8. This controller came out a few years back it’s really different because it doesn’t have any jog wheels or any actively spinning platters.

It only has your four up faders so that way that you guys can use this with your screens that are on the device in order to launch stems and different soundtracks, different loops right there from the controller, instead of using your traditional way of play.

Really cool, it has a built-in mixer as well with its sound card that works externally for your external deck’s really big full-featured tractor deejay controller.

If you want to get the most out of tractor deejay then this controller will have it for you, and those again come in at around $1,200 to $1,300.

#6.Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX

Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX

Price: $2500

Next on this list is the Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX. Now, this is the big huge controller that we looked at back at the 2017 Atlantic City deejay Expo and they had three video screens on there.

It’s the big huge size controller that is about the same footprint as having your CDJS and your Nexus mixer in the middle, has a whole bunch of onboard effects.

It works for a record box deejay software. And it also works for all of your video transition that you can also see on the screen really really cool stuff. By record box deejay this controller comes in at about $3,000 retail.

So that’s a really expensive piece and it comes with a full control surface. Perfect for record box deejay. So check out the RZX if you guys are interested in the biggest and perhaps the best controller that they make for record box deejay.

#7.Rane MP2015 Rotary Mixer

Rane MP2015 Rotary Mixer

Price: $2200

Next up on this list is the Rane MP 2015. This was a really cool mix we actually had a chance to review this mixer there. It’s a complete Rotary mixer. Very very well made great internals. Great overall sound quality.

It was just an excellent mixer to use. It also has an internal sound card. Easy to work with Tractor and all of the other software that you need out there. So it’s a really cool mix they’re built very very tough.

Excellent phenomenal sound quality and if you’re into the rotary mixing game this is probably one of your main number one go-to choice for the Rotary mixers.

#8.Roland DJ-808 DJ Controller

Roland DJ-808 DJ Controller

List Price: $1000

Next one of my favorite deejay controllers of all time the Roland DJ-808 DJ Controller. This big controller works perfectly with soprano deejaying as an internal mixer and it also has that drum machine right at the top.

It also has a voice transformer built-in as well so it’s very very powerful even when you don’t use it with any deejay software and use it as a standalone drum machine. It works with MIDI it has a built-in sequencer it’s really really fun.

With that Roland deejay await this controller comes in at around $1,300 which makes it one of the most expensive controllers you can get, but it also is one of the most full-featured and it’s the only place you’re gonna get a really big 4 channel deejay controller for Serato deejay that has perfectly sync TRs drum machine right at the top.


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