Master & Dynamic MW65 Bluetooth Headphones Review

I’m here to give you guys a really quick rundown review of the brand new Master & Dynamic MW65. Over the year active noise-canceling wireless Bluetooth headphones we found that all of those headphones were built really really well.

Master & Dynamic MW65 Bluetooth Headphones Review

Dimensions: 6.4″ x 7.4″ x 2.5″ | Weight: 0.5 lbs | Cable: 59″ | Materials: Leather and Anodized Aluminium | Impedance: 32 Ohms | Drivers: 40 mm Berillium | Price: $500

They’re always all real leather, they’re always all real metal and they just work well in the DJ booth. They are great in your monitoring needs outside of the DJ booth anywhere you’re on the go.

They’re really good headphones all around so we decided to put the NW65 to the test to make sure that these can work in your DJ booth for your active noise-canceling needs. And also for your normal Bluetooth needs when you don’t need active noise-canceling or when you’re not going to use these in passive mode with the supplied cable.

Build Quality

MW65 Build Quality

First off is the build quality. The build quality like I said for all Master & Dynamic products is very high. These are pretty expensive headphones their whole range is upwards of $350 and up from there.

So you know you’re getting a really well-built product whenever you’re getting a Master & Dynamic headphone. These headphones are similar to the others they look similar aesthetically but they’re very much more lightweight than the others that I’ve reviewed in the past.

They have done that by using metals that are just a little bit lighter. They’re still all-metal everywhere and they’re still all real leather. The headband is very very comfortable and plush.

It has nice memory foam underneath as do the ear cuffs themselves real leather there and the ear cups are very very comfortable. They go completely over your ear. These are 40-millimeter drivers in there and they completely cover my ears and my ears are pretty big.

They completely cover the ears so you get a good seal low sound leakage and really good passive noise canceling as well.

Meaning you can use these and passive noise canceling mode with the cable to where you don’t need to use any Noise-canceling at all. You also have extenders on the side which are all metal as well.

You can actually fold these flat that way you can have them in a flatter configuration when you’re using the pouch in order to carry them with you. I would rather them have some type of fold hinge mechanism so that way you can make it even smaller for when you’re out there on your commute when you want something even smaller.

But as they stand they just fold flat so you still will be able to put them around your neck. Because they fold flat, so that way you will have them out of the way when you want a quick pause from whatever you’re doing with your headphones if you’re on a long trip or if you’re using them for an extended period of time.

Bluetooth and the noise canceling

Next up is the Bluetooth and the noise-canceling operation. So for your left ear cup, you have your audio port so that way you can use your supplied 1 meter or a 3-foot cable that came with this.

It is a standard cable so you can replace this with any mini-jack cable that you may have for other headphones it will work just fine. This is a nice braided woven style cable and it doesn’t tangle really cool that they have a nice high-quality cable with it.

And you also have your button on the side which will change your active noise-canceling. When you press that button you can toggle between the different noise-canceling modes they have off low and high.

3 Modes

Off meaning, you won’t use any noise-canceling you at all just be in regular Bluetooth mode.

When you have it in the middle that’s perfect for when it’s only like wind noise or really low noise in the background.

When you have it at high that’s your highest setting so you can drown out pretty much anything when using that on the highest setting with your Bluetooth connection.

On the other side, you have your charging port. You also have a charging cable and it comes with an adapter for USB. That way you can change this and any of your standard wall outlets or any of your other electronic devices that have a USB port.

It also comes with another adapter for airplane use as well. and on that same side of the earcup, you also have plus and minus. So that way you can go up and down with the volume of your phone calls or for anything else that you’re listening to.

You also have your magic center one button press so that way you can go forward and tracks backward and tracks pause and play. It also has a built-in microphone which works really well when you’re using these with your phones for your phone calls.

Sound Quality

Next up is sound quality. The sound quality of these is really good when using these with devices. They have a nice flattest style of sound.

They’re pretty loud. They sound good when you’re using them in Bluetooth mode or when you’re using them in passive mode for your regular devices.

But as soon as you try to plug these into a DJ mixer or a DJ controller you’re gonna have all types of issues. They’re gonna start popping really bad when you go to a high monitoring level when you’re using this with DJ controllers and with DJ mixers.

I think maybe it’s something with the active noise-canceling or the Bluetooth technology in these particular headphones, that doesn’t allow you to use these with DJ equipment that’s pushing them to higher than normal standards.

When you’re using these in the DJ booth you’re gonna need them to be at least 50% or higher on the volume.

Anything more than that these actually started really really taking a hit and sound quality and they just started popping like crazy for every base hit that was coming my way.

So you cannot use these headphones for DJing. But they will work perfectly when you’re using them with all of your other Bluetooth devices when you’re using these on airplanes and trains and on the go wherever you’re gonna be at.

They will really really hold you down they’re. Their work well with your laptops and other devices as well. But you just won’t be able to plug them into DJ mixers and other DJ gear for your really loud to style parties and monitoring.

Other than that though again when you’re using them of regular devices really really good highly recommended.


So, in conclusion, these are some really well-made headphones. They’re very lightweight so you can have them on your head for long periods of time.

They have really good three levels of active noise-canceling. You also get that 20 plus hour battery life when you’re using these Bluetooth wireless mode. You’re gonna get clean and crisp sound when you’re using these with all of your other devices.


On the downside, you really can’t fold these or make them swivel into a real small form-factor for storage or for travel.

They also cannot work with DJ equipment because the drivers will start popping as soon as you crank that volume up anything past 50% when you’re using this with your different mixers or with your different DJ controllers.

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