HOW TO START DJING! Even if you have nothing to start.


HOW TO START DJING! 3 WAYS (Even if you think you have nothing to start with)

How to get started if you have nothing to start with, gear cash whatever it is.

This article is for a younger person out there and you’re thinking about starting to deejay.
So the first thing let’s say you want to start deejaying but you have no gear, where you can get gear from me maybe you’re 11 years old and you got the 10 bucks in your piggy bank or something from your birthday from last year that your grandmother gave you or nothing or you’re just wondering where am I going to get gear.

  • Pick up a gear as you go
Pick up a gear as you go

Here’s what pretty much all of us that started with nothing and it’s just picking up stuff as you go. Basically like I took some of my old grandmother’s stereo equipment that she wasn’t using anymore and even 20 years ago.

Longer than that when I did this that equipment was still already really old. So it doesn’t matter if the gears old or whatever.

And then I had a disc man, literally had a disc man that you play a CD on and you go walk around with. So I had this and then I’m telling somebody at school that I was starting to put together some equipment and some gear, a deejay friend or an older guy who was a deejay said: oh I have an old cross Fader! I can give him before he even finished his sentence I swear I was like “I’ll take it”.

I did whatever it didn’t even matter. I didn’t even know what the what across Fader was. And very soon a couple of days we brought it to me and it was just literally across Fader and you’re able to plug two decks in or two of anything. Had to RCA hookups and you can go back and forth.

And I did my first party. My friend was having a party and I said I’ll deejay it. And he said for free? and I said for five bucks. I was like eleven years old. It’s over I said No problem.

I only had one CD player my grandmother’s old amp and speakers and I had this cross Fader but it didn’t even mean anything really because I only had one CD player. So I played a lot of pretty mixed CD-s, dance mix 92 and stuff or whatever.

So I played a bunch of those cool hits at the time. It was a sick party I Rock it, I’ve got my five bucks and then I ended up being able to get a second disc man at the time literally just a second decision and I was able to start doing little gigs and before I even did my first real what I would consider a more real party even though still for 13-year-old 14-year-old just deejaying.

Finding a partner is also really good. That was like a good thing at the beginning for me once I had my little setup. I met a buddy and he had slightly better stuff. And we combined between the two unless we had some decent stuff and that was really my first go-around at deejaying so doing a bunch of parties with this new partner and we had this new gear and it was great.

From there I had to move up I started working for a company that already had a lot of gear and different scenarios that came up and I didn’t really have to buy gear after I was really like 16 years old.

I started working for a deejay company or agency that sent you out on parties and so I don’t really have to think about gear but at the beginning it was really just steel like I said to my grandmother speakers and so I had enough gear where I could do some quick little parties and then I met a friend of mine, he had more gear we started doing a lot more gigs and then I moved on to a bigger company.

  • Ask your parents to buy you the DJ gear
Ask your parents to buy you the DJ gear

Another way is if you could just ask your mom or dad to get you some gear then they’d be great. Of course, if money is not an issue then yeah.

Get a full DVD set up, 2 turntables a proper mixer may be an SP1 if you’re gonna start in Serato a record box so you could have the hot cues and you could do all those things.

I ‘ve never used the dicer so I can’t say I like it or don’t like it. I could say that I like bigger buttons so the look of the dicer and the size of the buttons just the way it looks I haven’t gravitated towards it.

I like more controller style looking things like the SP-1. But if you can get a full DVR setup that’s amazing. Why not and that could range all over the place. You can start that maybe a $1000 if you get the pioneer MK-250 mixer there because It can do a full record box.

Then mixers I think is 300 bucks and get 2 turntables, I think the pioneer 300 bucks each or I’d recommend the Reloop 7000 it has some pads on them, but I would recommend the Reloop 7000 turntables and get an SP1 from Pioneer on top of that’s a controller so you can basically have your whole cues and a lot of this stuff you would get with a controller.

  • 3.Get a little budget together and buy yourself some equipment
Get a little budget together and buy yourself some equipment

But if a DVR setup full turntables all that isn’t possible for you in the room and it’s out of your price range then look at a controller the Numark party mix is about $100.
Another really great budget option there’s also a Hercules controller that is under $100.

I would definitely look at the Pioneer DJ DB or the SB to both of those great beginner controllers like probably the best beginner controllers you can get.

To be honest because then you start getting into some better ones more functions that aren’t so beginner. But even with the DJ RB and SB2 it’s like $300 and comes with Serato.

Those are all controllers that you can gig with for sure. Maybe if you’re really young like eleven twelve thirteen you could use the party mix for a bit but you definitely want to take a look at the deejay SB2. And there are some other ones out there but those are the best intro ones for sure.

If you want to deejay it looks cool to you but you really don’t want to spend all the money, first thing cool, little thing to do is just download some of the software. That’s a great thing to start with. Download some intros and then you can get a record box trial for a couple of days a virtual deejay light.

I think you can just get maybe some apps for your tablet.
People want to touch controllers and debt or turntables. That was me as a kid I just wanted to get turntables. I thought it just looked like the coolest thing in the world that turntables and it still is super cool.

The turntable is still the most ultimate, the most tactile. You get the biggest surface to utilize and I think it’s great but has pros and cons obviously some people will just automatically disregard this whole post and say you should get CDJs. OK maybe you should get CDJs but that’s something for you to look at again.

I think if you could. If money is not an option look at a DVS full turntable with a mixer setup. If money is more of a thought than look at a controller definitely for under $300 there are great controllers that you could start deejaying with.

  • 4.Laptop
dj laptop

And of course you need a laptop these days, that’s so obvious, or USB depending on what you’re setup is gonna be, but you got to start building your music on a laptop.

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