Best DJ Powered Speakers 2019

Today I have the pleasure of showing you 11 of the best active powered speakers. There are so many different variants out there these days of powered speakers.

I personally think the day of the passive speaker power mixer is pretty much dead and gone. There are so many amazing active speakers out there these days. They’re a lot easier to use and work out better moneywise, but there are so many variants and options, even variants of exactly the same thing.

So I’m here today to show you seven of the best ones in my humble opinion. Talk it through a few specs simply so you don’t have to leave all options from Yamaha, Tourteq, QSC and many more.

#1. Yamaha DXR15 (Active PA Speaker)

Yamaha DXR15 (Active PA Speaker)

Power: 1100W of class D power |DSP controlled for maximum output and protection | Frequency range: (-10dB): 49Hz – 20kHz

This is a Yamaha DSR15. The passing of the DSR range from Yamaha’s fantastic high-quality speakers. They come in 8-inches, 10, 12 and 15. This is the big lad the DXR15 it’s just amazing.

Here are some specs:

It’s a classy amplifier pushing out 1100 watts. It’s got a max SPL of 132 decibels and it has DSP protection. So if you have a loud signal going into it which may cause some damage to your lovely Yamaha speaker, it will stop that before makes it to the circuit board before it gets to your speakers so everything will be safe and sound.

It’s got a frequency range from 49 hertz to 20 kilohertz. It is quite a big brute, but you want it to be big and heavy and well, also it’s big and solid. It is at 22 kilos, that’s just under 50 pounds and it’s got a mirror design.

So it has the same shape on both sides. So you can use it as a monitor. You can either have it, anyway your heart desires. Mounts on a pole and on the back. It’s got mike and line and inputs, we will talk about this lovely back panel.

There are three main inputs XLR In and Thru, each with their own independent volume control. Jack inputs and RCA just below that. It’s got a high pass filter switch with two selectable options just below a D contour switch, which kind of makes this DSL 15 work as an FO subwoofer gives it a bit more low end if you’re running it with some smaller boxes at the bottom of that.

You’ve obviously got your link out if you want to run it into another Yamaha DXR15. Amazing machines, really very robust. Very, very loud and clear with PMC. Obviously the Yamaha range comes with a 7-year warranty.

What more could you want? This DXR15 is absolutely fantastic.

#2. QSC CP8 (Compact Powered Loudspeaker)

QSC CP8 (Compact Powered Loudspeaker)

Power: 1000 Watt peak power | Weight: 10 lbs | Features: Advanced DSP | Frequency: (-6 dB):56 – 20 kHz

This little guy is the QSC CP8, an 8-inch powered speaker that packs a lot of punch. It’s 1000 watts. It’s lightweight, very rugged. And it sounds amazing.

This thing’s got more DSP than you can shake a stick out as well. It’s such a clever little design from the QSC factory in California. 8-inch low-frequency driver, 1.4-inch high-frequency driver.

On the back, you have a three-channel mixer. 2 Line in inputs and one AUX input. 2 volume knobs four channels, one and two. Mics out to your other lovely speakers if needs be.

One critical feature this guy does have is a mid contour dial so you can alter this little knob right here to make it sound like anything, to make it fit with any application you might have it in. It’s a fantastic flow on it. It’s a great instrument amplifier. You can mount it on a pole. Very, very rugged, very durable. It’s a 1000 watt very small, lightweight speaker on the market.

It’s only 24 lbs just over 10 kilos. It’s crazy for what you get. You will find this only with quality QSC brand and the legendary durability of the CP8

#3. Alto Truesonic TS312 (Powered Loudspeaker)

Alto Truesonic TS312 (Powered Loudspeaker)

Power: 2000 W peak 1000 W continuous RMS | Weight: 32.5 | Features: Integrated 2-channel mixer 

This is the Alto TS312. A fantastic piece of kit from Alto. 2000 Watts 12-inch Speaker. It is an amazing bad-lad that is built like a tank that you could fit in the back of your Citroen Vlingo.

But I’m not gonna talk about too much because I’m just including a video of the best active speakers money can buy.

#4. TOURTECH TT-PSM5 (Active Portable PA Speaker)

TOURTECH TT-PSM5 (Active Portable PA Speaker)

Power: 75W | Frequency: 90Hz –13kHz (-3dB) | Weight: 6.1 lbs

This guy is the to TT-PSM5. It’s 150 watts and it’s tiny. Well 120 watts and maxes out at 150. Max SPL of 114 Db fantastic little thing. 5-inch speaker perfect for parties and play music wherever you like. Dual combo input jacks. XLR on the center and XLR on the outside also with a jack in the center.

Great for the Bosca’s out there. If you want to play electronic drums in the house, so you want a nice portable loud light speaker. Its only 2.8 kilos. That’s nothing it’s crazy. It has a 3-band EQ. There’s a built-in echo effect and there’s all the ins and outs that you need. You pop it on a pole and you are ready to go.

It’s a great little thing. Not expensive, it’s just over 100 pounds for all of this tech. It weighs nothing, it looks like a little vintage small TV. Phantom power as well. Forgot to mention in case you want to run a condenser mike into it when you’re having a really nice acoustic session.

You got acoustic guitar input too, a little bit of echo on. You’ve got a lovely, nice condenser mike with phantom power running into this sounding amazing. There is also a link out to plug it into a bigger speaker. Small good sounding and portable this is the TT-PSM5.

#5. RCF ART 715-A Mk4 (Digital Active Loudspeaker)

RCF ART 715-A Mk4 (Digital Active Loudspeaker)

Power: 1400 watts | Weight: 43 lbs | Frequency: -3 dB : 45 Hz ÷ 20000 Hz | 2-way Class-D

This is the RCF ART 715-A Mk4. A multi-purpose, amazing sounding active PA speaker. It will give you professional-level audio and rugged-looking cabinet.

It’s got a 15-inch woofer providing an incredible precise linear response with precise and low-frequency control. It’s 1400 watts, of power controlled by innovative DSP processing with firefighters’ technology. Which is filtering technology allowing the RCF 715 to deliver high low performance in a convenient, rugged portable chassis.

It’s got a max SPL of 130 decibels and it’s very simple to use. On the back, this guy has a lot of DSP inside of it. But there’s not much to show from the top here. So as you can see, there are 2 inputs XLR and Jack. Both balanced or unbalanced and one XLR output.

One level control and a couple of switches. The top is an EQ switch from flat to boost. It boosts the low end and below that is simply a mike or line-in input. 1400 watt peak like I said, 700-watt RMS. Extremely rugged chassis like everything RCF.

It’s not the heaviest thing in the world. It’s just heavy not to be nice and solid. 19 kilos. That’s about 43 pounds. You can mount it on a pole, you can have it on the floor as a monitor. Fantastic thing, the RCF 715-A.

#6. Wharfedale Titan 12D (Active PA Speaker)

Wharfedale Titan 12D (Active PA Speaker)

Power: 250W RMS / 500W Peak | Weight: 34.1 lbs Frequency: 55Hz – 20kHz

This is the Wharfedale Titan 12D. And not only does this beauty light upon command, but it is also one of the best sounding, most versatile, most rugged for indoor and outdoor use. The most affordable speakers on the market today. It’s a 250 watt RMS or 500-watt peak powerhouse that pushes everything through a lovely custom-made moisture-proof 12-inch LF driver.

These things are super lightweight, super loud, super clear and super good. Super cheap. And like I said, they can be used for indoor and outdoor use. They are totally moisture-proof, very, very rugged stone.

If you get two and you do want to use that live sound use one as a monitor. They make fantastic monitors on the light up. Who doesn’t enjoy that?

It’s a class-d amplifier with Qubit 24-bit DSP processing to deliver Wharfedale Titan legendary tight end zone. I keep harping on about how rugged and lightweight it is, but only weighs about 12 kilos. That’s well under 30 pounds.

Its max SPL is 127 decibels as well, which I believe is the loudest recorded human scream or loud rock concert. Something loud very good, very small and portable.

2 channels, 2 combos Jack or XLR or quarter-inch? Jack In the center. I have a line or mike level on input one with his own and independent on-volume control. Channel 2 same input, but with phono adapters. It also got 2-band EQ bass and treble. You either have on or off. On/Off switch with a lovely blue LED light on the front and a balanced output at the bottom.

#7. QSC K8.2 (Active PA Loudspeaker)

QSC K8.2 (Active PA Loudspeaker)

Power: 2000 Watt | Weight: 27 lbs | Frequency: 55 Hz – 20 kHz

This is the QSC K8.2. 2000 watts 8-inch, a fantastic quality speaker from QSC. The K series was already extremely popular, but now they’re new and versatile with the same high quality the old K series have.

Lovely lightweight, not the heaviest thing in the world, but nice and durable. 2000 watts and something this small it’s very lovely and it’s extremely versatile. It’s got a frequency response 59 hertz to 20 kilohertz. Lots of ins and outs on the back XLR, jacks, and auxiliaries. But my favorite thing about the K8.2 is this little digital screen on the back.

Besides the independent gain controls for your ins and outs of the digital screen right here, lets you scroll through EQ settings, gain settings, delay settings. You can recall presets designed by the very smart people of the QSC or you can make your own presets to recall later. It’s all saved in here.

And you can delve deeper than you can and it’s pretty much any other powered speaker out there. 2000 watts, 6-year warranty, 8-inch speaker, very versatile, does a lot and it’s got a digital screen on it, amazing.

#8. Roland BA330 (Portable Active PA System)

Roland BA330 (Portable Active PA System)

Power: 30W | Weight: 30.42 lbs Frequency: Batteries: 8 AA batteries All-in-one portable digital PA system

So this is the Roland BA330 as one of my favorites, because not only is it loud and powerful, you can also run it on batteries. So it’s kind of suitable for every occasion. Don’t let the size fool you. It pushes a lot of air out.

It is a digital stereo amplifier with four 6.5 speakers out front and two tweeters which are positioned in such a way to give a lovely wide stereo projection. Pivot for any kind of event, whether you’re throwing a party in your back garden, you bossy on the streets, you’ve got a lovely house of worship and you let everyone know how great certain things are.

Actually that it’s typical of street performance, open-air concerts, school meetings, dance class presentations, outdoor events and in-store events, every variant of store event. There’s literally no set up required with a BA330. If you have to go to the back there are 4-channels.

So the first two channels are for mikes and your instruments with the volume control and you can turn the effects of or off. The other 2 are stereo channels so you can run all the stereo rigs into those. And there’s effects button and it’s reverb delays. You switch them on and off.

There is also an anti-feedback function, which is so handy for mikes and acoustic guitars. A very intelligent little piece of kit. It’s got a built-in EQ, bass, and treble. There are 2 RCA and inputs and auxiliary input. Like I said before as well, this runs on AC or batteries. There are two battery modes Eco or Max Eco. Eco doesn’t make it as loud but lasts a bit longer. And Max Eco gives you the full benefit of the BA330.

It’s got to 15 hours of battery life. That’s amazing for something this loud and this portable and versatile. There’s also a stereo link out so you can link it up to another one to give you a full stereo projection of whatever room you’re in also give you some more ins and outs.

It’s not the heaviest thing in the world either you can carry this wherever your little heart desires. It’s very, very rugged. On the bottom, there’s a hole pole for the speaker so you can mount it up high. There’s also a nifty little kickstand. This direct’s, obviously all the lovely stereo spread up to your fine face.

#9. Bose L1 (Compact Active PA System)

Bose L1 (Compact Active PA System)

Power: 200W | Weight: 26.9 lbs | Type: Portable PA System

Next, we have this skinny marvel of technology. This is from Bose L1 range, the L1 Compact. This is one of the coolest bits of kit to come out of Bose in a very, very long time. It’s perfect for playing music through, playing acoustic guitar through. They’ve even got two channels dedicated solely to that.

It’s got Bose spatial dispersion technology, which allows the little speakers inside this guy’s head to deliver the sound evenly across the stage and throughout the audience, even to the extreme sides of this. The sound will be clear, loud and a very, very good. It’s got two channels, one for a microphone and a specific XLR input on the 2-band EQ.

The other acoustic guitar and kind of other input. There’s an auxiliary in this. Some RCA is in this, one volume and a little line-level button. The two channels have been pulled straight out of Bose’s legendary tone match. So, you know, they’re gonna be good.

The tone much is renowned for having the most amazing performance, clarity and dynamics of anything. It’s such a good little unit and you get two lovely channels into the L1 compact. It does go bigger. If we are using it to run music through all of the electric guitar rooms, it sounds absolutely amazing. The base is down the bottom. Well, the bass has the bass in.

The whole thing as well only weighs 13.5 kilograms and it looks very sleek. I could go to someone’s living room as a piece of furniture. So it’s ideal for music performances, whether it be an acoustic guitar and I got those preamps built-in already inside. Or you can run music through speaking into the classroom for presentation. Even playing guitar it sounds absolutely fantastic.

Super portable or you can do it an all-in-one trip. Super simple plugin and play. You’ll be off in less than one minute.

#10. Bose S1 Pro (PA System with Battery Pack)

Bose S1 Pro (PA System with Battery Pack)

Power: 150W | Weight: 15.7 lbs | Frequency: 70Hz-16khz (±3 db)

This is the Boese S1 Pro, the ultimate all in one, a small portable pay package, a perfect flow monitor, a perfect little practice amp and a greater multi-media music platform. It’s amazing. And now comes with a battery pack. So portable is this guy’s middle name. It’s a lithium-ion battery with up to 11 hours of battery life. Music blaring through this for 11 hours of keep neighbors of all night.

It’s a fast-charging battery. And the whole thing only weighs about 7 kilograms or 16 pounds. 3 Channel mixer built-in with to match capabilities. You can pull down through Bluetooth, your favorite microphone or acoustic guitar presets. Play your music through it seamlessly with Bluetooth to match and just go along with it.

This little guy was made to travel, made to be rugged and made to sound really, really good. What I would use it for though, is that lovely mix on the back. As a mono speaker, this is perfectly designed to hit you square in the face and get that lovely Bose quality we all know and love from something small portable and now battery powered.

#11. JBL EON One (Portable PA System)

JBL EON One (Portable PA System)

Power: 380W | Weight: 40.8 lbs | Frequency: 37.5Hz – 18.5kHz

Last and certainly not least, this is the JBL EON 1 series. You can get that legendary JBL sound. That’ll work on any occasion, but not have to take around massive PA speakers big subs and whatever else.

It’s an all-in-one lovely convenient line array package. It’s got 6 2-inch high-frequency drivers of top and down below it is a 10-inch bass-reflex subwoofer. So everything it needs in one super-sleek, slim package.

It’s a class-d amplifier with a max SPL of 118 decibels and with a powerful 6-channel mixer with built-in EQ, effects. Everything you ever need. It seems a little bit more rugged than some of the Bose stuff. It’s got a bit more chunk to it and chunks never really is a bad thing. It is a massive unit but it’s got full spread. It will encapsulate your entire audience with whatever you’re putting through it. And because it’s so big doesn’t mean it’s not lightweight, it’s 18 kilograms, which is light for something as good as this.

Very portable as well. It all comes to bits and fits neatly behind the lovely 6 channel mixer behind it.

Very cool. Very easy to use it. Small enough to fit in the back of your car. It will fit in the back of a Fiat 500. It will do so much. There is an EQ and reverb on each of the channels. The stereo monitor outputs as RCA is in, there are auxiliaries in. It’s a fantastic piece of kit. There’s also Bluetooth connectivity. So can pair of anything you like and play your lovely music through it.

Super simple, super loud, nice and lightweight. Very portable. What more could you want? The decision is yours as so many different options out there for these fantastic portable PA. systems. Let me know down in the comments which one you would choose.

So there you have it guys the best 11 powered speakers, what I believe to be the best active PA money can buy. Very good, very versatile, there’s obviously loads more in the market. If I missed one of what should I included. Let me go down below what you’ve got already or what you aspire to get.

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