Best Beginner DJ Speakers 2019

I’ve heard every single speaker that I am about to list today. A lot of beginning teachers come and asked me one thing and that is:

Best Beginner DJ Speakers 2019

What’s the best beginner DJ speaker?

The short answer to that is the Mackie Thump 15-inch powered speakers. They are cheap and solid, great sound for up to 150 peoples.

Best beginner DJ powered speakers:

  • Mackie Thump 15
  • Electro-Voice ZLX15P
  • Avante A15
  • JBL EON 615
  • Alto TS
  • Mackie SRM

I used to run Rockville speakers which I do not recommend that you buy ever, don’t buy Rockville speakers. What are some of the best beginner speakers you can go with?

Today I’m going to name 6 DJ speakers I think are a good option for those beginner DJ’s that are doing applications of 150 people and under.

#1. Mackie Thump 15-inch

Mackie Thump 15-inch

Total Power: 1000 Watts (500W Peek, 500 RMS) Weight: 33.2 lbs / 15.1 kg Function: 3-band EQ with sweepable mid

Number one the best choice, in my opinion, comes to the Mackie Thump 15′ depending on if you get the 12-inch version will run you from about $270 to $350.

This Mackie Thump 15′ runs 1,000 watts of total power. I want to say it’s 500 continuous 500 peek. Obviously these aren’t the best numbers in the world. Definitely you good for an event for 100 peoples and under.

These Mackie Thump 15′ can be ran with the subwoofer. They have an 18-inch subwoofer in the line which I do not recommend getting as it is a beginner DJ subwoofer.

You’re mad at me, you’re saying you want me to spend $300 on a speaker for DJ! Yes, you should.

Here’s the deal with cheap speakers. If you look on Amazon you can see all the types of speakers super cheap. I don’t know what they all have in common but they all suck.

You know why they might sound good, it might sound good at first but they’re not gonna last you, they’re all plastic. Mackie Thump 15′ are plastic too but they’re hard plastic. You’re paying up to 350 dollars for a reason.

These cheap speakers won’t last you, they might sound good but they won’t last you long. Second of all when you decide to buy a subwoofer this subwoofers gonna outdo those speakers. So what is the point to buy those cheap speakers?

#2.Electro-Voice ZLX15P 15-inch

Electro-Voice ZLX15P 15

Total Power: 1000 W (Class D); 127 dB max SPL; 42 Hz – 20 kHz Weight: 38.0 lbs (17.3 kg)

The second best speaker that I say that you guys should buy is EV ZLX15P 15″. The EV ZLX15P 15 will run you a bit more money depending on what model you get $300 to $500 dollars per speaker.

I used to work for a company called the big epic show and that’s a traveling kids company in Minnesota where they perform all around for kids. My boss used EV ZLX15P speakers, the 12-inch versions.

They get louder than Mackie Thumps and while they don’t put out as much bass as the man keys they get a lot louder than the Mackie Thumps. That’s something you have to think about do you care more about bass but a lower amount of people or do you care more about a higher amount of people but a little bit less bass.

But if you’re running subs then it doesn’t matter, to begin with, because I always recommend that you high pasture speakers and EQ them to get the best out of your speakers as possible.

Some people don’t think that’s a good idea and you know what that’s your choice. The EV speakers are very good speakers very durable speakers, unlike the Mackie they do have 360 handles on the side. The 360 handles are very helpful in carrying them into your venue.

They do way more about 10 pounds more than the Mackie Thumbs but they’re easier to carry.

#3. Avante A15

Avante A15

Total Power: 1500 Watts Power Consumption: 400W Weight: 42 lbs (19.1 kg)

Number 3 in my recommended speaker for you would be the Avante A15 speaker. That new speaker yes. Here’s the deal with this new speaker. This new speaker should run you just about as much like the EV line $300 to $500 dollars for a speaker.

Let me tell you about the speaker. This speaker is better than the EV or the Macky in my opinion. The deal is that this speaker gives a higher output in my opinion. If you ask any other DJ these things are seriously kind loud.

I would choose these as my first speaker if these things existed when I started a long time ago. I’m mad I didn’t have that many options in my time.

#4. JBL EON 615


Total Power: 1000W Peak Class D Amplifier EQ: Onboard EQ Presets Weight: 17.69 kg (39 lbs) Max SPL Output: 127 dB

Number four I’m gonna have to throw in because I know there are a lot of JBL fans out here. I’m gonna have to throw in there JBL EON 15 speakers.

The JBL EON 615 speakers are a fantastic speaker. If any of you know DJ Raveweb, he used Eons back in the day.

They’re a great speaker they just don’t offer the amount of DSP and digital features as some of the other speakers do today. That’s a kind of a bummer because the digital stuff is what you want now.

#5. Alto TS 312

Alto TS 312

Power: 1,000 W RMS/2,000 W peak Output level: 128 dB Weight: 13.6 kg Frequency response: 46 – 22,000 Hz

Number five I’m gonna have to put in the alto speakers. The Alto speakers will run you $300 to $350. They do put out almost as much bass, they give just a tad louder than the Mackies but you won’t get much difference in output.

The thing is, it’s harder for all of these companies to say why you should buy your speaker over the other one because they’re all in the same price range. They’re all over $100 to $500 and it’s different it’s a hard choice.

I’ve heard those two and while they wouldn’t be my first choice as a speaker they’re definitely not my last.

#6. Mackie SRM 450

Mackie SRM 450

Total Power: 1000 Watt Weight: 37.0 lb (16.8 kg)

Now finally I know some of you were gonna come to me and they’re gonna say well I am in the budget for something just a little bit more expensive but not as expensive as something like the SRX or the ETX.

My immediate suggestion is two different speakers:

  • Electro-Voice EKX Powered Speakers
  • Mackie SRM Series Powered Speakers

Number one don’t buy ELX. There’s no reason to buy EV ELX unless you have other specific reasons. If you’re willing to spend a little bit more money buy the EKX.

The EKX speakers will run you about $800 and the sub will run you about $1000. You are thinking what the heck?

DJ stuff is expensive. So don’t get into the industry if you’re not willing to spend the money from your gigs to better your equipment in the future. Not a good idea.

If you’re willing to spend $600 on a speaker another extra hundred bucks going up in that 500 would be that Mackie SRM speaker. The Mackie SRM will run you $600 to $700 dollars and those speakers are pretty solid.

But those speakers are actually really good the are better than the Thumbs but obviously um they are next in line to the DRM speakers which are comparable to the ETX and the JBL PRX speakers.

If you ask any other DJ though direct you to the JBL PRX. I’m not a fan and here’s why:

The JBL PRX are great speakers but only if you’re running Subs. I don’t like the PRX without subs. I’ve heard of all the speakers I’m talking about today. Once again I’m not a fan of the PRXs without subs.

Just don’t buy PRX’s if you’re not going to run subs it’s just my personal opinions. They’re all professional DJ speakers but they’re all out of level that’s not over intermediate or over high professional.

If you look at other DJs you can see that they have expensive stuff. I do too. But things vary from situation to situation this is a guideline to get started and get out there your skills. Remember that equipment doesn’t make a good Dj. They are just tools to express your talent.

Grab some Dj stuff and rock the parties.

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